The Liberation Trilogy

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A gorgeous mermaid captured on the high seas. A team of construction workers in a house with lonely wife. A young girl with an hour to kill on the wrong side of the tracks. Just a few of the characters you’ll encounter in Little Sex Books: Liberation Trilogy 23 erotic tales to amuse. Mined from the twisted and seductive mind of Canadian writer, Misha Mikail, The Liberation Trilogy is her Little Black Book, Little Red Book and Little Gold Book rolled into a single feast for the open imagination illustrated with original eye-popping photos from master photographer Johnny Mears.

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The editor of Monday Magazine says, “Not for the faint of heart … a woman watches guys getting off to gay porn and a gal surrenders to the painful pleasure of a group spanking session; another discovers the frozen joy of ice play, while yet another gets more than she asked for when she takes her car in for a quickie oil change. The plot lines for upcoming Girls Gone Wild videos? Nope, these are scenes from the literotically local Little Black Book.”

Amazon fans GUSH: “It’s about time! Finally, something to read to get the juices flowing. The imagination of Misha Mikail is unsurpassed by anyone I've read in this genre.” And, “Fabulous and fun! If you want to spice up your relationship, read your partner a bedtime story. This is a great compilation of frisky, fun adult stories, long enough to set the mood and short enough to take advantage of it.”

Others say, “Madam M hits with a sweet collection of succulent, sexy short stories. Each with its own vibrant energy, [The Liberation Trilogy] has a tale for everyone's fantasy.”

So what are you waiting for? Liberation is at your fingertips.

About Misha Mikail

Who is Madam M?

Canadian author Misha Mikail pushes the boundaries of literotic imagination with her satisfying tales of sex and desire. A self-proclaimed gypsy, Mikail travelled from the Yukon to Mexico, Arizona to New York teaching formal dance by day and by night taking the stage of notorious men's clubs, headlining as Madam M. Little Sex Books are the stories of Misha Mikail, inspired by Madam M.


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